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Menopause may be a normal part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept uncomfortable and disruptive symptoms as an inevitable part of growing older. Cristiane Ennis, MD, at Premier Women's Health Center in Amarillo, Texas, offers bioidentical hormone therapy to help you regain optimal hormonal balance. If you’d like to discuss how this treatment approach can help you navigate the menopause transition with grace, schedule an appointment online or over the phone today.

Bioidentical Hormonal Therapy Q & A

How do I know if I’m in menopause?

Menopause is the process through which a woman exits her reproductive years. It usually begins between the ages of 45-55, although some women enter menopause earlier. A hysterectomy or ovarian surgery may cause menopause to begin immediately. 

Once your body stops releasing eggs and it’s been a year or longer since you’ve had normal menstrual cycles, menopause is underway. Your body produces less estrogen, which creates hormonal imbalance and menopause symptoms. 

Some of the changes you might experience include:

  • Abnormal menstrual bleeding
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Sleep disruption
  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Low libido
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Brain fog

Most women won’t experience all of these symptoms, but it’s common to notice changes in several areas of your life. 

Some women have no problems navigating this time of transition. For others, menopause can be incredibly uncomfortable. If menopause symptoms begin to get in the way of your normal daily routines, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ennis to discuss treatment options. 

What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is the most common treatment for menopause and works by providing supplemental estrogen to restore hormonal balance. There are various forms of supplemental hormones, some of which are made from animal sources, including the urine of pregnant horses. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses hormones created from plant sources. The chemical structure of those supplemental hormones is so similar to the hormones you produce on your own that your body is unable to tell the difference. 

For many women, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy feels like a more natural approach to supplementing declining hormone production.   

Dr. Ennis uses the SottoPelleⓇ pellet system to deliver a slow, steady dose of natural hormones. Unlike creams, pills, and patches, pellets release a controlled amount of hormones directly into your bloodstream.  

Not only can SottoPelle pellets improve menopause symptoms, but they can also help you maintain healthy bone tissue as you age. To learn more, come in to meet with Dr. Ennis to discuss the pros and cons of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. You can call the office to check appointment availability, or use the online booking page to schedule your appointment today.